"Global Warming, meet Peak Oil". "Thanks, Homeland Security"

Tom Peters points out that Global Warming is a lousy brand that doesn't sell.

Dave Roberts in Gristmill says: I too have my doubts that global warming will ever serve as an effective driver for public action. ...it's just too abstract and far away, the benefits too intangible. Yes, the ice caps are melting (etc.), but we're talking about making a major shift in the way we live in order to ... what? ... slow but not stop the rise in greenhouse gases so as to avoid the worst impacts of climate change in 100 years? It's just not something that's going to get people in the streets. ... What will get people fired up? Security and money. Money and security."

Treehugger adds the Long Emergency to the mix- Nobody is going have any problem meeting Kyoto targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions if we do not have any fossil fuels to burn, either because we ran out or because we do not have access to foreign sources because of political upheaval. If we cut back for security or economic reasons, reduction targets may well take care of themselves.(Unless we start burning every lump of coal left in the ground)

Its all one issue requiring one solution- Use Less. Buy Local. Walk or Bike. Stop mainlining gasoline. We will be safer in the short term (instead of having to occupy Saudi Arabia), warmer in the medium (instead of freezing in the dark) and cooler in the long (Instead of cooking because of global warming). ::Gristmill by [LA]

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