Global Labeling Scheme Launched for Products Made with Wind Power (Video)

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Image credit: WindMade

From eco-labels on new cars to fuel-efficiency ratings on airplanes, green certification schemes are proliferating in some surprising places. In fact, there are so many labels out there it can be hard to know which ones to trust, and even harder to know which ones to act on. But a new one is about to be added to the list and I must admit it has more appeal than most. After all, it's about time we had a certification scheme for products made with wind power.Whether it is Lotus building a wind-powered car factory, or the Empire State building embracing renewables, purchasing wind power is a common way to get some eco-credentials and help reduce your emissions, without the need to completely rebuild your existing facilities in the process.

But with these purchases being used in marketing materials, how is a consumer to differentiate between a genuine commitment to renewable energy and mere corporate greenwash?

The WindMade certification scheme is explicit in its intention to follow in the footsteps of iconic eco-symbols that have made organic, recycled, CFC-free and Fair Trade everyday consumer choices for millions of people. The scheme was created as a collaboration between Global Wind Energy Council, WWF, the Lego Group, the UN Global Compact, Vestas Wind Systems, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bloomberg. Certification standards and rules are still being worked on as we speak, but we should see the first WindMade-certified corporations being announced in the summer.

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