Ginormous Sahara Solar Power Project to Produce First Electricity in 2015

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It's been a couple of months since we've had an update about the mammoth solar power in the Sahara desert project otherwise known as Desertec. Last we left it, though the idea had been around for a while, a consortium to make the dream real was just in the works. Well, another step forward has now been taken, with the official legal formation of DII GmbH:15% Europe's Electricity by 2050
The long-term goal of supplying 15% of Europe's electricity by 2050 -- The first electricity is now expected to be delivered, via power lines running across the desert and under the Mediterranean, by 2015.

The twelve companies forming the consortium are: ABB, Abengoa Solar, Cevital, Desertec Foundation, E.ON, HSH Nordbank, MAN Solar Millennium, Munich Re, M+W Zander, RWE, Schott Solar, and Siemens. Headquaters of DII will be in Munich, with Paul van Son leading the way as CEO.

It's a Question of Whether to Reduce Emissions, But How
Speaking on the importance of this project in the context of mitigating climate change, Torsten Jeworrek of Munich Re said,

The question is not whether we should do something, but how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and how this goal can be achieved in an intelligent manner, which results in a win-win situation for both the environment and the economy. With regard to the important UN climate summit in Copenhagen, this private sector initiative demonstrates how business potentials can be aligned with sustainability goals.

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