Giant Mechanical Snakes Create Electricity from Waves in Portugal

Just two days ago we heard about the progress of a first of its kind wave power project, using Ocean Power Technologies’ Power Buoys off the coast of Spain. Now comes word that the Iberian Peninsular will have another wave power first: The first commercial wave power project using Pelamis Wave Power's unique system which looks like a giant mechanical snake (video clip above). The details of the project are as follows:The Aguçadoura project has a price tag of €9 million and will eventually have a capacity of 21 megawatts. At this point though the first of three 460’ long wave energy converters, which will have a combined capacity of 2.25 megawatts, have been installed. If this portion of the project goes as expected the remaining 25 wave energy snakes will be installed.

More info at :: BBC News and :: Cleantech
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