Get "Social Power" With The Biker Bar


Lots of events try to go green with biodiesel generators or solar panels, but Rock the Bike has developed the Biker Bar, (patent pending) available for rent in New York and San Francisco. It generates power and fun at the same time, acting as a social activity as well as a 300 watt generator. (1000 watts at peak moments, but the cyclists will probably wear out quickly)


Of course, it is delivered by an electric Mundo cargo bike;


cute dog not included;


A Generator is nothing more than an electric motor in reverse, so you hook up the Biker Bar to the bike that towed it in, and the electric bike becomes a 1000 watt electric generator. That is clever.


Rock the Bike says it is the "most democratic, grassroots way to power your event."- instead of using special bikes, anyone can hook up their own and participate.

Everyday people not only power the concert, they save the concert, by supplying the critical piece of gear, their own bike. And the power, rather than being coupled electrically, is now coupled mechanically by the bar itself, making the Biker Bar an extremely intuitive system to understand. This makes the Biker Bar the most grassroots way to power your event's stage.


What a neat idea. Get it at Rock the Bike, via PSFK.
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