Get Free Power with Solar Style


TreeHugger is just mad about solar gadgets, so imagine our glee when we found that Solar Style is now selling easy-to-use solar-powered electronics chargers. We mentioned them before as they were just getting off the ground; by all appearances, they have successfully launched and are now selling their compact, convenient wares to the world. Solar Style's aim is to help consumers power their portable electronics without using the grid, using "free energy" ("free," of course, after making a small investment in their products), and they're well on their way. Their devices work like this: the photovoltaic panels collect light and convert it to energy, which is stored in what they call the "Battery on Board." When you need a boost of juice, plug in and the batteries will charge or power your electronic life. They are currently offering four chargers and a multitude of connectors for personal electronic devices like cell phones, PDAs, Bluetooth accessories, mp3 players, digital cameras and even some laptop and notebook computers, all at surprisingly low prices. Their models range in price from US $29.99 to $55.99, and all are available from their website. ::Solar Style