Germany, Too, Considers Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

The US has already taken action against what it perceives as unfair Chinese subsidies for its solar panel makers, instituting punitive tariffs. Now, Reuters reports, Germany is looking into doing so as well.

Specific details are few, but Germany's environment minister has recently said that fair global competition was crucial, with higher import duties and anti-dumping procedures may be considered.

The current glut of solar power products on the global market has made it difficult for manufacturers around the world, but non-Chinese firms say that Chinese government support for their domestic industries is allowing them to offset losses.

As was the case in the US, actions against Chinese manufacturers are more complicated. Brian wrote, talking about the US tariffs:

On the one hand, we need solar panels as cheap and abundant as possible, in order to speed the transition to clean energy and away from fossil fuels. On the other, a stable, sustainable solar market that fosters global competition and is not distorted by over-aggressive subsidy policies—policies that could be temporary—is desirous as well.

Germany, Too, Considers Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels
The German environment minister has said that anti-dumping measures against Chinese-made solar panels are being considered.

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