Germany Targets 125,000 Megawatts Of Wind Power By 2030


In the North Sea, the upshot of this 2030 goal would be a very large population of wind turbines, and probably a maintenance fleet made up of ex-fishing boats, supported by former fishing ports. Remarkably, the vision is to supplant the German nuclear plants which are, officially at least, slated for a phase out.

The government has agreed to honor a decision to close the country's 17 nuclear power plants by 2020 but remains divided over the issue.

[Chancellor ] Merkel insists that a nuclear phase-out would hinder efforts to slash Germany's dependency on greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels. But Tiefensee, a member of Merkel's Social Democrat coalition partners, said that investing in wind farms was better than keeping the nuclear plants running.

Via::Yahoo News, Image credit::AFP/File/Barbara Sax, via Yahoo News.

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