Germany Installs Over 4 Gigawatts of Solar Power in First Half of 2012

Some more superlatives for Germany's solar power expansion: PV Magazine reports that in the first hald of 2012 Germany has installed just over 4.37 gigawatts of grid-tied solar power.

Remarkably just about 1.8 GW of that happened in June alone (perhaps even more remarkable, this isn't even a record amount for one month in Germany).

If you're not already impressed, consider some other indicators of the commitment to solar power in Germany and the strong progress being made there:

Back in May, over one weekend solar power provided half of Germany's electricity. Half!

For the month of May as a whole, solar power generated 10% of Germany's electricity, providing one third of peak demand, and an increase of 40% from the same time in 2011.

Another half... over 50% of all the solar power in Germany is owned by citizens and farmers, not utility companies.

Also through the first six month of the year, Germany produced a world record amount of solar power, 14.7 Terawatt-hours.

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