Germany Added 543 Megawatts of Solar Power Capacity in July

Matt recently wrote about Germany's impressive solar PV growth for the first half of 2012. He wrote:

"[In] the first hald of 2012 Germany has installed just over 4.37 gigawatts of grid-tied solar power. Remarkably just about 1.8 GW of that happened in June alone (perhaps even more remarkable, this isn't even a record amount for one month in Germany)."

Well, July is nowhere near as good as June was, but it still added quite a significant amount of PV capacity to the country with 543.225 MW of newly installed PV output, based on the data received by the German Federal Network Agency.

"All in all, this results in an additional 4.9 GW for 2012. Last year, just 2,285 MW were recorded in the same period. Thus, the total of all installations subsidized by the Renewable Energy Resources Act up to July 31, 2012 amounted to 29.7 GW." (source)

Part of the reason for the rapid pace of new installation during the first half of the year is the changes in subsidies that took effect then. We should expect a slower pace of growth in the rest of the year, but hopefully other countries will pick up the slack (like India!).

Via PV-Magazine

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Germany Added 543 Megawatts of Solar Power Capacity in July
As of the end of July, Germany has almost 30GW of solar power capacity!

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