German Town Becomes World's First With Dedicated Biogas Network

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photo: pwever via flickr

It's been a while since a major new poo power project graced these digital pages, but this one's certainly worth noting: The Guardian reports that the German town of Lünen, will become the first town in the world to have its own dedicated biogas network:The 6.8 MW power plant at the heart of the network with take cow and horse manure, as well as other agricultural waste and spoiled crops from surrounding farms, and process it all into biogas, which will be used to generate both heat and electricity. When completed it will generate enough power to supply about 26,000 homes.

About 30-40% of the town's heat and electricity will be provided through the biogas network.

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Germany isn't alone in getting in one the biogas act: Closer to home for most TreeHugger readers the University of New Hampshire just completed a landfill gas pipeline, which will supply 85% of the school's heat and electricity.

via: The Guardian
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