Geothermal Energy Tapped to Power Oregon Institute of Technology

oregon institute of technology klamath falls campus photo

photo: OIT

Here's a "world's first" that's worth mentioning: the Oregon Institute of Technology will be the world's first university to be entirely powered from geothermal energy. The Klamath Falls school announced this week that it will be constructing a $7.6 million dollar geothermal power plant on campus which will not only provide energy to the school, but will also allow students to study and research geothermal energy technologies.
Geothermal energy was chosen because Klamath Falls sits near a fault line, making it a relatively inexpensive and easily accessible resource. Though just announced, the university's geothermal plant will not come online for a couple of years, so there's still time for some other school to swoop in and claim the "only geothermal powered school" prize.

There's no word on exactly how much power the plant will provide or what the expected energy bill savings will be.I wonder if tuition will go down as the school's energy costs decline?

via :: OPB and :: Clean Technica
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