GE Can't Make Wind Turbines Fast Enough


Can you imagine a GE teleconference with stock analysts where the implication is that GE didn't see the Green Wave coming early enough, maybe should have put more capital into meeting the present demand for alternative energy technology?

The wind turbine shortage is growing, General Electric has confirmed. The industrial conglomerate said in its conference call with analysts last Friday that the backlog of wind turbines--i.e. orders that have booked but can't ship--has grown to $12 billion. That's up from $11 billion in the fourth quarter and more than twice the size of the backlog in the first quarter a year ago.
Where are those Free Enterprise Action Fund guys when you need their ranting:
Left-wing social and political activists are harnessing the power, resources and influence of publicly-owned corporations to advance their social and political agendas.
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Via::CNet News, "GE confirms that wind turbine supply is getting worse" Image credit::OnTapBlog, GE Wind Turbine Generator

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