The future of energy is 100% renewable, say filmmakers

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"The question is not if we make the transition to 100% renewable. It's when, and how."

That's how Diane Moss, a Founder of the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, describes the choice facing us in a new documentary. As activists prepare for this Saturday's climate march, The Future of Energy—by film makers Brett Mazurek, Maximilian DeArmon, Theo Badashi and Missy Lahren—is making the rounds. Talking to business leaders, non-profit activists, energy experts and legislators, The Future of Energy makes the case that the transition to 100% renewable energy is not only possible, but in many communities it is actually underway.

When Moss founded her organization in 2007, just talking about 100% renewables seemed fanciful, even naive, to many in the environmental community. But then, a successful all-electric luxury car company probably seemed like pie-in-the-sky. Plummeting solar costs seemed like wishful thinking. And the perceived wisdom was that Chinese coal consumption would keep on growing, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

That was also before massive corporations like MARS, Ikea and Verizon started invested in their own renewable energy generation.

On a recent conference call about the movie, Mayor R. Rex Parris explained how his city of Lancaster, CA is working to achieve net zero energy by 2020. As a Republican, Parris is uniquely placed to make the case for clean energy, not only as a moral imperative, but a fiscal no-brainer. From building models for community-owned power generation to buying back streetlights and converting them to LEDs (with built-in wi-fi), Mayor Parris says the best thing about his city's efforts is that they are actively saving money while cleaning up the environment.

It's pretty exciting stuff. But check out the trailer for yourselves, and you can now rent the documentary from Vimeo on Demand (available only through the end of September as a limited release for the People's Climate March and Climate Week).

The future of energy is 100% renewable, say filmmakers
A new documentary makes the case for an ambitious shift to clean energy before it's too late.

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