From Pomace to Power

Inniskillin was one of the first decent Niagara wineries, starting as a small independent in 1975 and making fine wine when all they made up here was Baby Duck. They also make an award winning bottle of that vile cough syrup known as ice wine.

Now they are teaming up with StormFisher Biogas to use grape pomace, the seeds and skins that used to go to the landfill, to make electricity. About 1,000 to 2,000 tonnes of it will be processed in an anaerobic digester produce methane gas which will run generators.

According to the press release, "StormFisher produces renewable energy from food and beverage processing by-products when it is digested in industrial tanks and either used to generate electricity or processed as natural gas. Much of Europe’s food and beverage processing by-products are used to generate biogas, and the process is rapidly gaining favour in North America." ::StormFisher, ::Inniskillin, ::Globe and Mail

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From Pomace to Power
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