Freeplay Energy: It's Not Just About Radios Anymore


It looks like Freeplay, creators of self-powered devices like the Lifeline radio and Indigo flashlight, have had a busy year expanding their offerings and updating their website. We are loving the classy looking Weather Band Radio, featuring solar and hand-crank charging and an integrated flashlight, and the wall-mounted Light Center cabinet pictured above is an ideal application for ensuring that a flashlight is always to hand and charged up when needed. We are also coveting the heavy-duty Jonta flashlight, the Freecharge phone charger, and the Summit multiband radio. Unfortunately it’s too late to change our order with Santa this year, but we’ve definitely got our eye on some this gadgetry for next year. And as with the makers of the Solio, we are heartened to see the work that Freeplay does to apply fossil-fuel-free technology where it is needed most. ::Freeplay Energy::via site visit::

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