Free Charge-Up for Electric Cars


Drivers in downtown London can now charge up their electric cars for free, at two new convenient, curbside charging points. One can already do this in 13 car parks across town. “Putting free charging points on the street where people need them most is a simple concept which we hope will help galvanise broader appeal for electric car use," the local councillor said. Electric car owners in London do not have to pay the congestion charge and they park for free. About 750 G-Wiz cars have been sold in London, 250 in the last six months alone. Despite the introduction of the congestion charge, the city has the highest level of air pollution in Britain, due to volume and type of traffic coming in and out of central London. The congestion charge area is being expanded in the new year; with higher rates for 4X4’s being introduced. Coming soon: more electric cars: the Daimler Chrysler Smart EV, the NICE Mega City, and the Vectrix Maxi-scooter. They are going to need more charging points pretty soon. :: The Evening Standard