France Now Has Double The Solar PV Per Capita As United States

Some interesting new stats on how much solar power France has been installing this year: According to Renewable Energy World, through mid-year 2011, France has installed more that twice the amount of solar PV as has the United States, on a per capita basis.

In the first half of the year, France's total installed solar PV was 1.473 GW, resulting in 0.025 kW per capita. The United States, with a population five times that of France, has 3.15 GW of solar PV, or 0.011 kW per capita.

As for where that solar power is being built in France, one-third has been installed on home rooftops, with half of the total being installed by farmers and homeowners.

Comparisons per capita aside, France is now the seventh-largest solar power market in the world. Germany still leads the way, reaping the benefits of early and strong support for solar power. Spain, Japan, and Italy are in second through fourth place, respectively. The United States is in fifth.

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