Four Alternative Energy Ideas from the Movies

TreeHugger brought alternative energy expert Matthew on board to give the joint some gravitas, but not every idea for alt energy is found in the University. After all, water powered cars have been invented in garages across the country, and the movies never lie. The Wall Street Journal put together a list, including Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future, noting that Purdue University is turning waste into power right now.

Treehugger: U.S. Army to Generate Electricity from Kitchen Waste
Mr . Fusion + Biodiesel = Fuelpod2
Zapping Trash With Plasma Produces Clean Energy and Fuel
It's Still Garbage, But At Least It's a Hybrid!

Listen up, coppertop! Humans put out a lot of energy! Our own Mike is quoted:

Beyond the ethical dilemma, the idea is an inefficient one because of the energy needed to make it happen, says Michael Graham Richard, editor of TreeHugger, a blog devoted to promoting sustainability. "It would be smarter to use that energy in the first place to do what you want to do instead of feeding it to humans and then harvesting energy from them."

Treehugger: Welcome to the Matrix in Stockholm Central Station
The Meatrix :

SOUTHLAND TALESwhere "a mysterious substance called "fluid karma" is heralded as an alternative to gasoline. But it doubles as a deadly hallucinogen, one that even Justin Timberlake, playing a scarred Iraq veteran, succumbs to."


MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME where Bartertown runs on methane made from pig poop. Too bad the movie stunk as much as the pigsty. ::Wall Street Journal

Pig Poo Power
Oil Substitute Made From Pig Poop Smells Like You'd Expect It To ...
BioTown USA: Going Off the Grid : TreeHugger
South Korea Turns On the Piggy Poo : TreeHugger

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