Forbes Magazine on the Fifth Fuel

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Forbes Magazine has produced a special report on a subject dear to our hearts, efficiency, the fifth fuel. Amory Lovins kicks it off with The Case for Efficiency:

"Using smarter technologies, more brains and less money to wring more work from less delivered energy--what energy experts call "end-use efficiency"--is the largest, cheapest, safest, cleanest, fastest, most diverse, least visible, least understood and most neglected way to provide energy services."

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Its photo essay with ten efficiency bangs for your buck include green roofs, building orientation, but surprisingly, from a business magazine known as "the Capitalist Tool" and owned by a right wing perennial presidential candidate, such un-American ideas as bicycles and following the speed limit.

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Another article looks at the ten most fuel efficient neighbourhoods in America, which turn out to include Brooklyn Heights and Koreatown in Los Angeles.

We are thrilled to see such a mainstream and relatively conservative publication making such a big deal about the best and cheapest energy source we have- efficiency. ::Forbes : The Fifth Fuel

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