Follow the Fleet: Scaling Up Going Green


It's much more interesting to talk about BioWillie and Prius owners, but so much of the traffic on our roads belongs to fleets- "commercial on-road fleets, including inter-city freight carriers, urban delivery vans, buses, public and private mixed fleets, as well as taxis, police and emergency vehicles." They have money too, and can do the math on what it costs, what it saves and what the PR gain is when they convert to alternative fuels. That's why we were impressed with Fleet Challenge- an Ontario consultancy that is starting a Green Fleet Certification System, which "will provide an easy way for customers to tell which movers of goods and people are operating in an environmentally sustainable fashion." They are running a workshop in Ottawa on Feb 22 that looks interesting (PDF here) Fleets are dull but they are huge- a few signing on makes a huge difference. ::Fleet Challenge overheard at ::Greendrinks


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