Five Tidal Power Projects Short-Listed For Severn Estuary

cardiff weston barrage image
Cardiff Weston Barrage. Image: DECC

TreeHugger has covered the long, drawn out, and controversial progress of building some sort of tidal power project in the Severn estuary on a number of occasions. Well, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has released five projects that have a made a shortlist of possible tidal power projects to be developed:severn estuary tidal power proposals image
Cardiff Weston Barrage At a capacity of 8.6 GW, this barrage would cross the Severn estuary from Brean Down to Lavernock Point.

Shoots Barrage Upstream from the Cardiff Weston Barrage with a capacity of 1.05 GW.

Beachly Barrage Would be located just above the Wye River, with a capacity of 625 MW. The smallest option on the list.

Bridgewater Bay Lagoon To be located on the English shoe between east of Hinkley Point and Weston super Mare; would impound a section of the estuary without actually damming it. 1.36 GW in capacity.

Fleming Lagoon Similar to the Bridgewater Bay Lagoon in structure and capacity, but located on the Welsh shore between Newport and the Severn road crossings.

fleming lagoon image
Fleming Lagoon. Image: DECC

Comments on the shortlist are open for the next three months. Review accompanying documents and have your say on them: DECC Severn Tidal Power Consultation

via: Renewable Energy World
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