Fish Farm Taps Biodiesel From Fish Guts


A commercial fish farm in El Borboton, Honduras is using fish guts--heads, skins, and internal organs--to produce biodiesel. Instead of dumping what's left after filleting for commercial sale, Saint Peter's cooks the parts down to produce 300,000 gallons of fish oil fuel. The fuel is then used to run the 10 trucks and eight buses that bring employees to work.

"The oil comes in with water in it and has to be separated by raising it to 90 degrees C (194 degrees F) in a tank, where we add methanol, glycerin and other chemicals to make biodiesel," says Juan Munoz, who heads up the workers who produce the fuel.

"We produce annually 300,000 gallons (1.135 million liters) of biodiesel, which costs nearly a dollar less than fossil fuels per gallon," adds plant manager Israel Snir. Via ::Yahoo News

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