First People Powered Christmas Tree in UK

first human powered christmas tree in UKCourtesy of Sarah Barns, Midsummer Place and Pavegen/Promo image

Why are these elves so excited? Because when they land, their ebullience will light up over 1000 bulbs on the 20 foot tall Norwegian spruce they tend. The elves encourage shoppers at Midsummer Place Shopping Centre to walk across the special paving slabs underneath the tree (visible in photo below), providing renewable energy to power up the spirit of Christmas.

According to Laurence Kemball-Cook, founder and CEO of the award-winning sustainable technology innovator Pavegen,

Every year, nearly 7.7 billion kWh of fossil-fuel energy is used to power Christmas tree lights across the world. That's enough electricity to power London for 3 years!

human powered christmas tree Courtesy of Sarah Barns, Midsummer Place and Pavegen/Promo image

Each Pavegen tile consists of 100% recycled rubber covering a base that contains over 80% recycled content. The kinetic energy of each passing footstep lights up the tile, engaging pedestrians with the process of generating energy, and storing excess energy in batteries for use powering external needs. The waterproof slabs can be installed either indoors or outside.

Look for Pavegen after the holidays at the London 2012 Olympics games.

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