First Freshwater Offshore Wind Farm in US Planned for Lake Erie

offshore wind farm photo

photo: Andy S-D via flickr

The potential for developing offshore wind power in the Great Lakes has been something touted for some time now, and has now moved one step closer to reality. GE and the non-profit Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation have announced a partnership to develop a wind farm off the shores of Ohio near Cleveland. Expected to be completed by the end of 2012, the 20 MW project is intended to be followed by 1,000 MW of wind power to be developed in Lake Erie by 2020.

It's a bit overly PRish, but Marketwatch has a decent tech summary:

At the core of the Lake Erie Project is GE's next generation wind turbine, a 4-megawatt machine designed specifically for offshore deployment. As the largest wind turbine in GE's fleet, it will incorporate direct-drive technology gained through GE's acquisition of ScanWind. The 4-megawatt wind turbine will feature GE's innovative advanced loads controls and aeroelastically tailored blade technology.

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