Firewinder Wind Powered Light is Finally Here

firewinder wind powered light photo

Photo Credit: Firewinder

The Firewinder is a new(ish) gadget that puts a cool twist on outdoor lighting. While we’ve been hearing about it for quite some time, it is finally here for the taking!
For just a second, it reminds me of one of those spinning wooden mobiles hung on a front porch that makes me just a bit dizzy while compelling me to watch it spin in the breeze. The Firewinder, however, makes these old fashioned mobiles seem intensely out of date.

The vertical axis wind turbine has 14 LEDs attached to it and as the wind blows, the LEDs illuminate and optically blend into one another to create a mesmerizing outdoor light. The turbine needs winds faster than 3 mph, but higher speeds means brighter lights. While not bright enough to light the surrounding area to guide passers-by, it definitely is a hip way to add a pinch of renewable snaz to an outdoor evening party.

You can pre-order a Firewinder from it's very first production run, which is set for delivery this Fall.

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