Finding Cottonseed Oil For Biofuel in Afghanistan No Easy Matter For US Marine

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We're written about the military's use of renewable energy and tests to deploy more biofuels on a number of occasions, so consider this next one a more on the ground description of that--coming via the New York Times. Here's a glimpse of trying to source oil to refine into biodiesel:

It was a multi-leg trip that sent Nelson from the American base to a British camp closer to Lashkar Gah, the Helmand provincial capital that is home to the gin. Then, in full flak gear and accompanied by a security unit, Nelson ventured to a village halfway between the camp and the city to meet his contact. ...

"We left with a little pickup truck ... and the shocks were completely compressed," he recalled, laughing. "Every bump along the road, we're wondering if these barrels are going to go flying out the back."

Then, from the British base, Nelson awaited his Osprey flight back to Camp Leatherneck.

"It's kind of a neat experience ... it's just you and these four barrels of oil, and seeing this aircraft come out of the sky and pick up this cottonseed oil," he said.

"It's more difficult than anything you could ever imagine -- to make all those steps along the way happen."

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