Financing your Geothermal Project


When we posted Malcolm Gladwell's comments on geothermal energy, we received a comment saying "Some people... don't like the inital price barrier. It costs a lot to install." In fact, there are companies like ZeroFootprintEnergy (a subsidiary of TreeHugger contributor ZeroFootprint) willing to take the not very big gamble that oil prices are not coming down soon, and will install and finance the installation of the unit in exchange for the difference between what you are paying now for heating and cooling and what it costs after the installation. Right now they are only working with developers in Ontario, but there are others doing similar things. There are also Energy Efficient Mortgages, where you can borrow against the system, guaranteed by the FHA, on top of your regular mortgage limit. You can do it yourself- at current interest rates you save more than it costs per year for interest and principal payments. ::ZeroFootprintEnergy