Finally: a Modern North American Pellet Stove From Snoqualmie

North American designs for pellet stoves are usually ugly, traditional knockoffs of grandma's wood stove, and we complain often that one has to go to Austria or Japan to get a decent looking unit, and then find it is not UL approved for North America or costs a fortune to import. When will we get a decently designed modern North American stove?

Apparently, in June. Snoqualmie Stove works appear to have channelled Raymond Loewy and designed this stunning number. What is even better, those fins serve a purpose- they radiate heat and keep the unit safe for kids and pets.

The technology is patent-pending new too: "This stove represents a remarkable new design in pellet burning appliances, boasting state-of-the-art pellet stove technology and offering for the first time, a truly radiant heat pellet stove. The SNQ-1 uses 100% of its surface area as a heat exchanger; from the point of ignition, to the exhaust exit point, the SNQ-1 radiates heat. The stove is based on our patent-pending "Combustion Capsule" technology, a more efficient and cleaner burning alternative to traditional fire-pot technology. Combustion capsule technology eliminates the formation of fused ash, creating nearly complete combustion and extremely clean operation."

It is going through final approvals now, with production starting in June. Line up at ::Snoqualmie Stove Works

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