FedEx Ground to Install US's Largest Rooftop Solar Power Array at New Jersey Distribution Center

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photo: FedEx

The rooftop solar array race is heating up: FedEx Ground has just announced that it will be installing what will be, for now, the largest rooftop solar power system in the US at its distribution hub in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Construction on the project is slated to begin in August and be completed in November. Here are the rest of the details:2.42 MW Capacity = 30% of Facility's Power
The system will cover the roof of the distribution center with approximately 3.3 acres (143,750 square feet) of solar panels, with a rated capacity of 2.42 MW -- the whole thing supplying about 30% of the facilities annual energy needs.

Fed Ex estimates that the annual CO2 emissions reduction from installing the solar power array will be about 1,867 metric tons.

This is the third rooftop solar array installed at a FedEx facility in the United States. Existing systems are a 282kw array in Whittier, California, and a 269kw system in Fontana, California. Last October, FedEx announced that it would install a 1.4 MW array at its facility at the Cologne/Bonn airport in Germany.

New Jersey Amps Up Its Solar Power Capacity
This is the second feather in New Jersey's solar cap in as many days. Yesterday PSE&G; announced that its Solar4All program -- which when completed in 2013 will effectively double the states current solar power capacity -- was approved by state regulators.

New Jersey is also home to current largest rooftop solar array in the US: The 2.37 MW array on the roof of the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Italy Leads the Rooftop Solar Race
Which all sounds great, but the US is decidedly playing catch-up with Europe in this race. In the space of the past few months two new massive rooftop arrays have begun construction in Italy, one in Milan and the other in Padua -- both exceed 15 MW.

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