FedEx Absolutely Positively Building New Solar Facility, First Outside US

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photo: FedEx

While big box-type buildings are far from the most attractive things in the world, at least they offer ample opportunity for rooftop solar installations. The latest company to take advantage of this is FedEx Express: The company has announced that at its new facility at the Cologne/Bonn airport in Germany it will be installing its largest solar array to date and the first outside the United States. Here are the details:
1.4 MW Rooftop Solar Power
Expected to be completed in 2010, the 1.4 MW installation will cover about 16,000 square meters of roof space, generating an estimated 1.3 GWh of electricity. No word on how much of the facilty's electric demand will be met by the rooftop array.

Facility Will Double FedEx's On-Site Renewable Energy Use

Speaking on FedEx's use of renewable energy, Mitch Jackson, the company's director of environmental affairs and sustainability, said, "On-site renewable energy generation has been extremely efficient and successful for FedEx, and we are continuously looking for new investments. The solar energy installation at the Cologne hub will nearly double FedEx's use of on-site solar energy."

Other FedEx facilities with on-site solar power systems include the company's regional hub in Oakland, Calif. (which is large enough to supply 20% of the facility's electric demand), and Whittier and Fontana, California.

via: FedEx press release

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