Even Wave Farms Get the NIMBY Treatment


Researchers from Oregon State University began testing a high-tech buoy to capture wave energy in the Pacific Ocean this fall.

In the NY Times yesterday, Peter Applebome pointed out that nobody seems to be happy with anything, talking about a campaign to close the Indian Point reactor: "we don't want windmills off Long Island, and we don't want the proposed Broadwater floating natural gas plant in Long Island Sound. We almost certainly don't want a tunnel under the Sound. We don't want Indian Point, and we sure as heck wouldn't want a substantial plant to replace it. We want our bloated S.U.V.s and Hummers and the energy-hogging McMansions that the banks haven't taken back. yet.

Maybe Santa is out there 365 days a year, and maybe we can turn all of Wyoming into a windmill farm that will solve everyone's problems. Or maybe getting to a sane energy future is a lot more complicated than scaring people to death about Indian Point."

Meanwhile, out west, the fisherpeople are worried about wave farms. "I don't want it in my fishing grounds," said Mr. Martinson, 40, who docks his 74-foot boat, Libra, here at Yaquina Bay, about 90 miles southwest of Portland. "I don't want to be worried about driving around someone else's million-dollar buoy."''

The Times continues, quoting "environmentalists" saying:

"Some environmentalists and fishermen worry that the recent rush for renewable energy is more about politics, big business and the next big thing than it is about clean energy. They warn that too little is known about what effect wave farms might have on migrating fish and whales."

And what does Mr. Martinson intend to put in the tank of his 74 foot boat if we don't start finding alternative sources of fuel? When he is back to rowing a dory he won't have to worry about the bouncing buoys, he can't get out that far. ::New York Times

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