Europe's Largest (?) Solar Park Under Construction in Germany

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Whether it's plans to revive the Greek economy through large-scale solar power or news that solar will be as cheap as coal in parts of Europe by 2013, clean energy and solar power continue to offer some glimmers of hope in a rather dismal looking European economy. The latest promising sign, reported by Renewable Energy World, is news that a 91MW solar power plant, accompanied by two smaller solar power plants totaling 60MW, will be built in Germany by the end of the Year. The project claims to be Europe's largest solar park, although quite how that claim stacks up to a 166MW solar park on a former mine (also in Germany) is not explained.

Either way, it's a promising sign that the industries of tomorrow continue to push forward as the fossil-fueled dinosaur economy of the past struggles to keep itself afloat.

Europe's Largest (?) Solar Park Under Construction in Germany
A 91MW solar park is under construction in Germany, but is it really Europe's largest?

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