Europe's Largest Onshore Wind Farm to Expand to 539 Megawatts

Eaglesham Moor wind farm photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
Adding 3MW Turbines
Europe's largest onshore wind farm, which is located in East Renfrewshire in Scotland, is about to get even bigger. ScottishPower Renewables is planning to add 75 turbines to the existing 140, increasing the capacity of the wind farm from the current 322 megawatts to 539 megawatts. Read on for more details.
Eaglesham Moor wind farm photo

Photo: Flickr, CC

Of the 75 new wind turbines, 69 will be Alstom ECO 100 with 3MW ratings, and the remaining 6 will be ECO 74 turbines, which are rated at 1.67MW. These are worth about €200 million.

The expansion should be done by 2012.

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