Euro Plastic into Diesel - Ozmotech licences Envosmart


Roughly this time one year ago we brought you the story of an Australian company, Ozmotech, who had developed a technology to convert scrap plastic into diesel fuel. Well, now the wires buzz with news that come the northern summer, sods will be turned to begin building the first European plant in Germany. Once up to speed the plant will "produce 38 million litres [10 million gallons] of diesel per year by processing 42,000 tonnes of plastics waste." In 2007 Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands will also get plants, with Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, and the Czech Republic to get a scaled down version. In all the Dutch firm, Envosmart, has licenced the technology to the tune of 200 million euros ($234 million USD). They say the "fuel can be used in any standard diesel engines of trucks, buses, trains, boats, heavy equipment and generators," Envosmart obviously see a market opportunity in processing the detritus of western society, observing that the "total volume of waste is rising steadily, and the OECD predicts that by 2020 we will generate about 45 percent more waste than in 1995." Scary. (Let's hope that treehuggers are doing their bit to help us come in well under that mark.) ::Envosmart via Planet Ark