Controversy Amongst England's Royals: Prince Philip Says Wind Farms are Useless

Looks like the Royals need some family therapy this week. On the one hand we have Prince Charles, a leading environmentalist, and on the other we have his father, Prince Philip, who has been lashing out against wind turbines.

The Duke of Edinburgh, aged 90, has never been shy about his views, or fearful of being seen as politically incorrect.

But now he has gotten himself into a windy mess with his overly frank views to a wind farmer. The managing director of a wind farm company introduced himself to the Duke at a party and he reported the Prince's comments about wind farms: “He said they were absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace.” After further discussion, the Duke said 'You don’t believe in fairy tales do you?’

When it was suggested the Prince might put some on his estate, he is said to have replied: "You stay away from my estate, young man."

The Duke also thought that they didn't look nice and said he wouldn't allow them to be placed on his land. Prince Charles has also refused to have any built on his land.

However the Crown estates, owned by the Royal family, make a fortune from wind turbines on their property. Under new changed rules, they could stand to make even more significant profits in the future.

The Duke’s views are particularly problematic because they are in opposition with the Government's policy to increase the amount of electricity generated by wind turbines. The UK has 3,421 turbines — 2,941 of them onshore — with another 4,500 expected to be built. Last month the Energy Secretary called opponents of the plans “curmudgeons and fault-finders” and described turbines as “elegant” and “beautiful”.

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