Energy Saving Trust — Save Your 20% Publicity Campaign

Energy Saving Trust.jpg

Do you find those ads at the top of your hotmail account as annoying as I do? Usually they just ask inane questions, try to sell you something and flash about in the corner of your eye trying to get your attention while you read your mail. I try my best to ignore them, but the other day I was distracted by a rather pertinent question. "Are you saving enough energy?" Good question I thought and against my usual instinct I clicked on the ad. This connected me straight to the Energy Saving Trust. Great, finally a useful advert not selling anything! The Energy Saving Trust is a UK based non-profit organisation funded by the government and private investors. It is dedicated to cutting carbon emissions and encouraging more efficient energy consumption. They are currently running a consumer campaign called Save your 20%. These ads are telling people they can cut 20% of their energy consumption, at home and at work, showing that it is possible to save money and battle against climate change at the same time. They offer simple energy saving tips and a personalised online energy check. All you have to do is fill in a form, then they can analyse your information and give you a personal report on how to reduce your energy consumption. The website itself is a mine of information on sustainable energy whether it's on moving house, applying for a government grant, or where to find clean fuel. Start finding out how to save your 20% now. ::Energy Saving Trust