Energy Saving Tip: Shade Your Air Conditioner For Up To A 10% Efficiency Improvement

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Another Reason To Love Trees: Energy Efficiency
Planting a shade tree with just the right height and "habit" to keep the mid-day sun away from your air conditioner's out door compressor unit is an energy saver.
If you have an air conditioner, shading the unit can increase its efficiency by as much as 10%.
Via::USDOE, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Lab, Consumers Guide, Landscape Shading.Multiply The Benefits Here's how to make it a triple win. Plant a native nut tree or shrub - in all of the eastern US states and Canadian provinces, American Hazel Nut is a good candidate [species range map viewable at this link] - for food, shade, and even a little carbon sequestration.

Note: if you are interested in hazel nuts or "filberts" and happen not to live where native American varieties are found you may still be able buy the locally adapted young plants for bare-root mail delivery in the fall or spring - under $20/each.

European/American hybrids are available: some are bushes; and some varieties are more tree-like.

Position carefully with respect to the air conditioner and mid-day sun: hazel bushes are generally 10–12 feet tall and can be up to 6–8 feet across at maturity.

Every nation has native shrubs and small trees that could be suitable. What are you waiting for? Get your 10%.

Image credit::Biosurvey OU, Corylus americana, American Hazelnut, fruit.

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