Help End Energy Poverty, Take the Power the World Pledge

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Addressing energy poverty—that is, the fact that roughly 1.3 billion people around the world doesn't have access to electricity, and more don't have a reliable supply of it—is a key part of both reducing the number of people living in poverty and reducing environmental degradation.

While it'll be a key part of the Rio+20 conference happening in June, and is indeed the focus of the UN's Sustainable Energy For All program, that doesn't mean policymakers and politicians don't need a strong show of public support on the issue.

Which is where Music for Relief's Power the World campaign and petition come in.

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Power the World has already brought solar lights to Haiti, and is now working with We Care Solar to bring solar powered healthcare clinics to Uganda. We Care Solar are the people behind the Solar Suitcase, now in use in 17 nations, and which provides power for lighting, communication and medical devices for healthcare workers.

Here's Music Relief's pitch and call for support:

Help pack a Solar Suitcase by making a gift of $10 or more by texting MFR to 85944, or by clicking the Donate button on the website. You can also give a gift on behalf of your mother for Mother’s Day and receive an e-card or PDF card to print out, letting her know that her gift is saving lives of mothers and newborns.

Additionally, Linkin Park, along with other artists and influencers, is asking supporters and people worldwide to sign a pledge in support of Sustainable Energy For All.  The pledge will be available for digital signature at The goal is to get as many signatures as possible by June 19th, when Music for Relief will deliver it to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  The more signatures received, the more voices will be heard by world leaders, multinational corporations, and civil society groups during the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, better known as Rio+20.

Help End Energy Poverty, Take the Power the World Pledge
Power the World has already brought solar lights to Haiti, now it's working to bring solar powered healthcare kits to Uganda + get a million signatures so that policymakers know we care about ending energy poverty.

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