Energizing America: Sierra, January-February


Sierra, the official magazine of the Sierra Club, kicks off the new year with a hard look at energy issues and choices facing the United States. One of our favorite writers, Bill McKibben, calls for a "...leap to safer, cleaner, climate-friendly alternatives" to fossil fuels in the feature article "Energizing America." Other writers take a look at much-touted energy solutions, including "clean coal," nuclear power, wind, and "negawatts." Additionally, writer Paul Rauber calls ethanol (at least as promoted by the auto industry) a "phony solution" in his "Decoder" column. Other articles include profiles of Melanie Mac Innis, a leader in (and graduate of) the Sierra Club's "Inner City Outings" program, engineer Mike Biddle, an innovator in the use of recycled plastics, and Vernon Masayesva, a Hopi tribe member determined to ween his community off of the money (and environmental degradation) earned from coal mining on the tribe's reservation.

The paper version of Sierra is only available to members of the Sierra Club; membership costs as little as $25. ::Sierra magazine, January-February 2007

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