Electric Utility Giving Away 75,000 Clotheslines


We are awash in terrible laundry puns as the local electric utility, Toronto Hydro, gives away 75,000 clotheslines at our little neighbourhood Costcos, Home Depots, Wal-Marts and Zellers stores. We won't be churlish and suggest that they could throw a line to a few small-marts and NOT do this only at the Big Boxes, because it is a terrific idea.

"This is the first time we're doing the campaign with a clothesline," Toronto Hydro spokeswoman Denise Attallah spun dryly to the National Post. Hydro hopes to cut demand by 5% through conservation and demand management.

One might complain about the difficulty of using a clothesline in the middle of winter, but using one only 25% of the time can save 225 kilowatt-hours per year. If all 75,000 lines are put to use like this, it will save enough energy to power more than 1900 homes. That's a load. ::Toronto Hydro

Now why aren't they giving them out on National Hanging Out Day?

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