EEstor Update: People Are Losing Faith


We got in at the beginning and used to write about Eestor supercapacitors a lot, and still get a zillion hits on it. They never gave out a lot of information, and we were reduced to using pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches as analogies. We first picked up the story from an excited Tyler Hamilton at Clean Break, who enthused 18 months ago: "This could change everything."

The Eestor google alert still pops every day, but there was never anything new. Now even Tyler is losing faith.

Personally, I've been hopeful over the past two years that EEStor is indeed for real. But I'm beginning to have my doubts now....The problem with silence is that it leaves people like myself speculating. Why do we speculate? I don't know about you but I can't help it. I want EEStor to work, and I crave more information. But still we have no Web site. No comments from Kleiners or the CEO. Nothing.
::Clean Break

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