EEStor Ultracapacitors Coming to a Tailor Near You

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EEStor may not be having much luck getting their ultracaps into cars, but Lockheed is working hard at getting them into your pants. They have made a patent application to build them into armoured clothing. According to BariumTitanate, it is:

a new form of utility garment that includes body armor among other things. Specifically, the application discusses that the electrical energy storage unit "substantially conforms to an armour plate." The plate in turn may be "contoured to better fit a person wearing armor."
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Katie at Earth2Tech

Craig Vanbebber of Lockheed Martin told us back then that Lockheed could be working with EEStor on anything from a wearable power source to powering soldier vehicles or command and control centers. Vanbebber also told us then that testing EEStor's technology on the battlefield would be a major step for EEStor's technology, explaining, "The challenges and logistics of taking power onto the battlefield are significant."

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image: Earth2tech

When EEStor disappeared into the Skunkworks there was some concern that it might be subsumed into military uses rather than civilian, which have certainly never been a Lockheed forte. Maybe a compromise is in order: A bulletproof Zenn?

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