EEStor + Skunk Works = Big News


We have given ultra coverage to the ultra secretive ultracapacitor that was coming someday from EEStor, but it has been looking like Mr. Fusion might beat it to market. We might not have to illustrate our posts with grilled cheese sandwiches for much longer; Lockheed has signed "signed an exclusive international rights agreement to integrate and market Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) from EEStor, Inc., for military and homeland security applications." (read press release) Of course of it goes into its Skunk Works we may still be showing Mr. Fusion pictures.


The press release says "EESU qualification testing and mass production at EEStor’s facility in Cedar Park is planned for late 2008." which is more information than EEstore ever gave out. Tyler Hamilton notes in Clean Break:

It's later than we all expected, but "late 2008" at least gives us something new to measure the company by. Besides, it appears the late 2008 applies just to Lockheed, according to one source close to EEStor. ZENN Motors, according to the source, "expects delivery before Lockheed Martin as the existing plant is exclusively for ZENN production."

Tyler thinks this all good news:

This news is important, just because of the credibility it brings to EEStor and what it's trying to do. As many have commented on this blog and others, delays are expected when you're trying to introduce a technology with such a disruptive potential. This exclusive agreement with Lockheed tells us there's enough potential there that this defense contracting giant -- and perhaps the U.S. government -- doesn't want the technology to fall into its competitors' hands. What would be more interesting is to find out the terms of this deal, which were not disclosed. Has Lockheed made an investment in EEStor? Has Kleiners upped the ante? Who else is on the board?

Lots of unanswered questions, but increased confidence now that they'll be answered over time. ::Clean Break