EEStor Makes Tiny Announcement About Big Achievement

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A dielectric permittivity spectrum over a wide range of frequencies. A little confusing, right? Maybe that's why EEStor still doesn't have a product announcement... Image via Kenneth A. Mauritz via wikipedia

EEStor is a bit of a specter in the energy storage industry - we can always feel its presence, yet we can't see it. That's still the case, though the company has made an announcement that they've achieved some really impressive storage results.I'll just post the whole press release since it'll take you about two seconds to read it:

EEStor, Inc. announces relative permittivity certification of their Composition Modified Barium-Titanate powders. The third party certification tests were performed by Texas Research International's Dr. Edward G. Golla, PhD., Laboratory Director. He has certificated that EEStor's patented and patent pending Composition Modified Barium-Titanate Powders have met and/or exceeded a relative permittivity of 22,500.

EEStor feels this is a huge milestone which opens the advancement of key products and services in the electrical energy storage markets of today. The automotive and renewable energy sectors are a few of the key markets that would benefit greatly with the technology.

The permittivity is part of the storage capacity of a device. So this breakthrough means really, really big storage potential for ultracapacitors - far higher than industry capacitors currently used.

Yet, the company is not one for details. Which makes the announcement and their supposed advancements pretty shady. The disappointing part is that breakthroughs like this could be really huge for the renewable energy industry, helping us to utilize much more of the energy captured by solar, wind, wave and so on. And of course the auto industry would be panting at the factory windows to lay hands on the high capacity storage for electric and hybrid cars.

With luck and a lot of hope, we'll one day (soon!) see an actual product brought to market that contains the features the company claims their ultracapacitors have.

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EEStor Makes Tiny Announcement About Big Achievement
EEStor is a bit of a specter in the energy

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