EEStor Announces Something Important. I Think.

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I am always at a loss for what to illustrate a post on EEStor with, the magic ultracapacitor that is so near and yet so far. I even resorted to a grilled cheese analogy once.

Today they announced something important. I think. They issued a press release that says "EEStor, Inc. has achieved success on one of its most critical technical milestones and that is the certification of the completeness of the powder crystallization of the constituents utilized in producing its CMBT powders. The percent of the constituents crystallized in the CMBT powders ranged from 99.57% to 100.00% with the average being 99.92%. This level of crystallization provides the path for the possibility of EEStor, Inc. providing the published energy storage for present products and major advancements in energy storage for future products."

charging an eestor capacitor

Fuelling an EEstor

They continue:

"The purification of the EEStor, Inc. chemicals has been certified by the same chemical analysis company as EEStor's press release dated January 17, 2007 and now indicates that EEStor has improved its chemical purity to the parts-per-billion range. The aluminum oxide particle coating material purification has been certified to be in the parts-per-trillion level. Achieving these levels of purification are additional major factors in allowing EEStor, Inc. the potential to reach its target working voltage. EEStor, Inc. has certification data from outside sources that purified aluminum oxide, in the range that EEStor, Inc. has certified, can have a voltage breakdown of 1,100 volts per micron. The target working voltage of EEStor's chemical processes is at 350 volts per micron. This provides the potential for excellent protection from voltage breakdown. "

Before they were bought by Lockheed they were opaque; now they are absolutely incomprehensible.

Figure it out for yourself at ::EEStor, via ::Clean Break

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