Education and Training for a Career in Renewable Energy

Where can you find training and job assistance if you're looking to move into the growing field of renewable energy technology and development? While we've mentioned a number of schools launching programs in these fields, Renewable Energy Access yesterday provided a more comprehensive answer to that question. Writer Carl Levesque took particular note of Texas State Technical College West Texas' new partnership with FPL Energy " educate and train students in wind turbine technology," and then listed a number of other schools offering such programs:
Other institutions that have recently put together wind and renewable energy programs of various levels, ranging from two-year electrical apprenticeships to graduate degrees, include Colorado State University, Illinois State University, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, St. Francis University in Pennsylvania, Columbia Gorge Community College in Oregon, and Lakeshore Technical College in Wisconsin.
Colleges and universities aren't the only places to receive training, though: a number of wind energy installations around the country offer on-the-job training. And once a student graduates, s/he can take advantage of the American Wind Energy Association's forthcoming careers site.While Levesque focuses primarily on wind energy, an earlier REA article lists two year, four year, and "hands on" non-academic programs available around the US.

With the growth of interest in and implementation of renewables around the world, we'd imagine that both of these articles will need updating quite soon. ::Renewable Energy Access, May 29 and December 22, 2006

Image credit: David Parsons and NREL/DOE

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