Ecotricity's 'Global Cooling Machines': Stunning Video

We like Ecotricity, the UK-based green energy company that is busy planning and erecting urban wind turbines across the country. We’ve written about their partnership with Popeye, we’ve brought news of their collaborations with Lotus and Ben and Jerry’s, and we’ve even interviewed Ecotricity CEO Dale Vince. One of our favorite things about the team at Ecotricity is their constant effort to raise the profile of renewables, both in terms of highly visible turbine locations, and aggressive marketing and advocacy strategies. We were delighted, then, to see the beautiful time-lapse video above showing the recent installation of three turbines at Avonmouth Docks, near Bristol. Look below the fold for one more cool video showing the construction of yet another of Ecotricity's ‘Global Cooling Machines.’ ::Ecotricity::via YouTube::

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