Ecotricity Takes Down Non-Renewable Energy with a Goofy and Destructive Video

ecotricity video collapsing towersEcotricity/Video screen capture

UK based renewable energy developer Ecotricity has used a lot of tactics to drive the world to switch to clean energy. They've partnered with Coke, built awesome urban wind turbines and developed vegan biogas. Its most recent campaign is called "Dump the Big 6," and it comes with a pretty amusing video.

The Big Six is a group of British and European electricity and gas suppliers which Ecotricity accuses of unethical pricing, awful customer service and being an impediment to the development of clean, renewable energy sources. The video shows the six companies' towers, complete with faces, mustaches and a penchant for tea time, collapsing in turn, all utterly surprised at their demise.

Ecotricity, established in 1996, is Britain's first and largest green electricity company. It uses its customers' energy bills to invest in new renewable sources.

The video plays on the images of a Fukushima-like meltdown, using visceral images of disaster (it's also uncomfortable that most of the shots in the video are reminiscent of the Twin Towers collapsing on September 11, although that's somewhat unavoidable). The everyday problem with non-renewable energy sources is not the rare disaster, but the easily ignored negative impacts on the environment that result from their proper functioning.

On the other hand, Ecotricity would likely counter that the falling towers are a metaphor for the end of the age of fossil fuels. It is odd, though, that it would make the doomed energy centers sympathetic figures with endearing mustaches. Silverbleedy's comment on the YouTube page is representative of others like it: "Why didn't they give the windmills faces! Now I feel sad for the cooling´╗┐ towers, they looked cute :')"

Judge for yourself:

Ecotricity Takes Down Non-Renewable Energy with a Goofy and Destructive Video
A video from renewable energy firm Ecotricity shows surprised power plants...

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