"Eco-Friendly" Mobile Phone Runs on Coke

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Designer Daizi Zheng tells Rose at Dezeen that phone batteries are not very good- "it is expensive, consuming valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and harmful to the environment."

So instead she designs a cell phone to run on Coke.

mobile phone runs on coke photo coke and phone

Now to be fair, fuel cells that run on sugar have been around for decades, and it can run on any sugary water, not just Coke. But if you are selling an idea as being environmentally friendly, why start with Coke?

mobile phone runs on coke photo phone in hand

The Designer writes:

The concept is using bio battery to replace the traditional battery to create a pollution free environment. Bio battery is an ecologically friendly energy generates electricity from carbohydrates (currently sugar) and utilizes enzymes as the catalyst. By using bio battery as the power source of the phone, it only needs a pack of sugary drink and it generates water and oxygen while the battery dies out.

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Bio battery has the potential to operate three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium batteries and it could be fully biodegradable. Meanwhile, it brings a whole new perception to batteries and afternoon tea.

More at Dezeen. and from the Designer's website.

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